The First Salmon Run: The Bear Cubs' Adventure



Father Bear - Papa Maskwa - is taking his two bear cubs to the river for their first salmon run. Along the journey they meet their friends: squirrel (anikwacas), seal (ahkik), and salmon (sosasiw). With each friend, the cubs learn lessons in friendship, determination and courage.

This totem story is intricately woven with the Swampy Cree language. The First Salmon Run: The Bear Cubs' Adventure introduces children to Indigenous culture, sharing the virtues of Mother Earth and oral tradition.

Key Lessons:

  • introduction to Cree animals
  • respect for animals
  • being safe in nature
  • gratitude to Mother Nature
  • each animal teaches their own individual lesson (eg. salmon or sosasiw teaches us determination and to never give up) 

Learning Tools:

Activity Sheets - a compilation of print-ready exercises targeted towards school-aged children to help bring the lessons of the book into the classroom.

Journal - non-lined to allow creative expression of young minds

Colouring Book - colour the book yourself! This uniquely printed book encourages creativity and allows you to explore the world of The First Salmon Run. Designed to allow you to colour the book the same way the artist did. Extra pages allow you to create your own worlds.  


journal, colouring book and activity sheet

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