The First Salmon Run:the bear cubs' adventure

Father Bear - Papa Maskwa - is taking his two bear cubs to the river for their first salmon run. Along the journey they meet their friends: squirrel (anikwacas), seal (ahkik), and salmon (sosasiw). With each friend, the cubs learn lessons in friendship, determination and courage.

This totem story is intricately woven with the Swampy Cree language. The First Salmon Run: The Bear Cubs' Adventure introduces children to Indigenous culture, sharing the virtues of Mother Earth and oral tradition.

Sneak Peek

This beautifully illustrated book celebrates Metis/Cree culture in a loving story following Papa Maskwa (Papa bear) as he teaches his cubs to fish.

Sneak Peek

On the journey with Papa Maskwa we meet forest friends, like Fox (Makesis) and Salmon (Sosasiw) while learning lessons along the way.

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  • Language

    Cree (n-dialect)

    Rhonda (the author) is Metis, her people come from Duck Lake, Manitoba. However, Rhonda grew up in BC, and this book allows her to reconnect with her roots.

  • Land

    The imagery is all inspired by the Skeena River during the salmon run. Both author and illustrator are from BC, and the images reflect the rich landscapes of the region.

  • Lessons

    Each animal in the book has it's own lessons that they teach like love, curiosity and friendship.

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